Sheti Nishtha

The use of improved technology in agriculture use of agriculture implements plantation crops according to soil type, land levelling, contour sowing, judicious use of chemical fertiliser, use of water conservation, storage structure with drip & sprinkler irrigation spraying insecticides in time agricultural allied sector related work, horticultural plantation in dry land and waste land, nilgiri, Subabhul Plantations. Initiative in creating new ideas for new plantation systems and guidance to nearly farmers for use of cultivation practices, proper use of. agricultural loan taken from Govt/ Co-operative societies timely return of it etc. norm considering overall work of farmers'/ organisation in agriculture, 25 farmers/ organisation are awarded for this award including tribal farmers (6 Nobs).
Award Details.-
Cheque of Rs. 11,000/-
Certificate of Honour
Spouse of the awardee is given Saree/ Shawl

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